Clueless About Fashion? A Guys' Guide To Jacket Styles

If you are the type of guy who is not really into fashion, then you probably need some help when it comes to picking out the type of jackets you need to get. You can't just jump online and search for a jacket, since you will get so many results. And you do need a few different styles. The choices can be overwhelming for the unschooled. It can be nerve wracking to walk into a store and not know what you need, and you might end up with a few of the same style jackets, which won't help you. So, this is where the list below will come in handy. It will tell you a few of the key jacket types that you should look into getting for your wardrobe to be stylish.

Sports Jacket

This is one of the most essential jackets a guy should get. It's something that you need for casual office wear, as well as going out at night. It's something that works well with a button down shirt, or a t-shirt or polo. It will also work perfectly with both jeans, khakis and dress slacks. A sports jacket is not as formal as a suit jacket and it is something that is more casual and more useful for most situations. If you work in an office that has casual dress, you can wear it paired with casual sneakers and slacks and a dress shirt. And if you have to go to a meeting, it will make you look a bit more serious than if you wore a just a dress shirt and jeans.  You should get a sports jacket in a neutral color such as navy or black.


You also want an overcoat. Sometimes it will be too cold out to just wear your sports jacket, so you will want a coat to put over it. These have a great, classic look, and also will keep you warm in the cooler weather. You should look for one that is made of wool. These are the classic material for overcoats and you should choose one that is dark, preferably black.

Leather Jacket

Finally, you should get a classic leather jacket. This is one of the most iconic jackets in all of American fashion. It works just as well with jeans and a white tee shirt, as it does with a pair of khakis. You can find a bomber style jacket, or you might look for a more modern style, like a Brunello Cucinelli mens leather jacket. The most important thing is to choose a quality leather producer that makes a good jacket. You want to make sure that the leather is well crafted and that the stitching is well done. Finally, make sure that you take care of the leather and make sure you treat it with leather conditioner and this will keep it in good shape.

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If you are the type of guy who is not really into fashion, then you probably need some help when it comes to picking out the type of jackets you need

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