6 Tips For Buying An Off-The-Rack Suit You Want To Have Tailored

When an off-the-rack suit fits poorly, it will not flatter your build. Tailoring the suit is possible, but there are some aspects of the suit that can be difficult to overcome. To get the best result after tailoring, you need to first buy the right suit. Here are a few tips for finding the right off-the-rack suit for you.

  1. Shop at a men's clothing store. Department stores might sell men's suits, but the staff might not be as educated in men's fashions as you need them to be. At a men's clothing store, you will find a sales staff that is solely dedicated to men's fashions who can offer useful advice throughout your shopping experience.
  2. Wear a dress shirt and shoes. When you try on a suit, you need to know how it will fit over your shirt. You also need to have an idea of how the hem of the pants will fall with your shoes on.
  3. Measure your chest. The suits in the store will be labeled with short, regular, and long. The sizes are determined by the width of the chest. To get the proper fit, you need to know which category you fit into and narrow your choices down from there.
  4. Check the shoulders. One of the most challenging aspects of the suit to tailor is the hem. Therefore, you need to make sure the shoulders fit properly before you leave the store. The shoulders should not sag and the jacket should not be too tight. If either scenario occurs, the jacket is too tight or too big.
  5. Look for a small collar gap. If you have to lean forward, a gap is sometimes created between your jacket and shirt. The gap is an indication that the jacket is not fitting well. A small gap is fixable. A large gap is problematic. Test the jacket and pay close attention to the space.
  6. Be smart about the lapel. The lapel is another aspect of the suit that would be difficult to alter. Therefore, you need to make sure the style is right for you and that the lapels are flat on your chest. If they do not, the size is likely too big or small.

Talk to custom tailors before buying the suit to learn other considerations you need to make before purchasing. Once you have the suit, you can work with your tailor to make it your own.  

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When an off-the-rack suit fits poorly, it will not flatter your build. Tailoring the suit is possible, but there are some aspects of the suit that can